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Ilana Plotkin Schauer, Esq.

Wife. Mother. Advocate.

"I do not believe in merely competent representation; I believe in strategic representation tailored to the client, the circumstances, and the audience. I am committed to excellence and securing positive results while remaining compassionate and attentive during what too often are ugly and trying times."

Ilana Schauer, former founder and principal owner of Law Office of Ilana P. Schauer, is now a Partner of Schauer Law Group LLP and Head of Litigation. She is also Co-Head of the firm's Trusts & Estates division, alongside her partner and husband Andrew Schauer, Esq. Ilana has been successfully providing legal services and representing a wide range of clientele since 2013, when Ilana was admitted to practice law for the State of California. Since that time, Ilana has devoted substantially all of her time to practicing family law. Before becoming a lawyer, Ilana worked as a therapist with special needs children and their families, preparing and implementing customized programs for her clients.

Ilana attended Pepperdine Law School's Los Angeles, California and London campuses, where she earned her Juris Doctor Degree in 2013. Ilana was a Dean's Scholar during her time at Pepperdine. While attending law school, Ilana clerked for the Los Angeles County Public Defender, a superior court judge, as well as several non-profit organizations. She was also a member of the Advocates for Public Interest Law and the Jewish Law Student's Association.

Ilana completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009, where she was on the Dean's List.

Ilana's goal in representing her clients is to always remain reasonable, practical, and supportive. She says, "I do not believe in merely competent representation; I believe in strategic representation tailored to the client, the circumstances, and the audience. I am committed to excellence and securing positive results while remaining compassionate and attentive during what to often are ugly and trying times."

Ilana is a Los Angeles native who is fluent in Russian. She attended high school at Beverly Hills High and then homeschooled, graduating at 17. She is a lover of the performing arts, almost as much as of arts and crafts. Ilana has four siblings; she is the middle of five. She is a mother of two young children, and a puppy-son, Winston, who Ilana rescued with her husband in February 2015.

Ilana is a mother, a wife, and an advocate.

Whatever your legal needs or questions might be, come to Ilana for comprehensive and meaningful counsel, assistance, and representation.

Andrew Schauer

"I believe that serving my clients isn't just about making sure the current deal is good and fair, but thinking ahead to what's next. That means developing a real understanding of you as an individual, so I can be sure you get what you need right now while also keeping that success flowing far into the future. My favorite part of the job is knowing I've set my client up to flourish."

Andrew "Andy" Schauer, the former proprietor of the Law Office of Andrew Schauer, is a partner of Schauer Law Group LLP and serves as the Head of Transactional Law. He also acts as Co-Head of Trusts & Estates alongside his partner and wife of over 10 years, Ilana Plotkin Schauer, Esq. Andy began his career in the entertainment industry while studying at Southwestern Law's Biederman Sports & Entertainment Law Institute with a pair of internships, first with a film sales agency and then with a production company. From these two positions, he quickly gained a deep, hands-on understanding of how film and television projects are not only made, but monetized. While studying for the California Bar Exam after graduation, he took an agent trainee position at one of Los Angeles's "Big 5" talent agencies, using the role's odd hours to prepare for the test and familiarizing himself with an important facet of the industry. Six weeks later, despite his intentions to move to a legal role, he received a promotion instead and began working with "below-the-line" talent (e.g. editors, costume designers, cinematographers, etc.). After finishing a major internal project substantially ahead of schedule, he was tapped to work for the on-camera talent department and, shortly thereafter, was reporting directly to the head of the department.

Ultimately, although it was a highly valuable learning experience, Andy -- who was born and raised in Minnesota just outside the Twin Cities -- found that the legal side of the business was where he belonged. He availed himself of an opportunity to learn the ins and outs from a high-impact firm, until an entrepreneurial spirit led to him hanging out his own shingle. Working as a solo practitioner for four years was rewarding as well, and afforded him opportunities to not only expand the types of clientele with whom he worked, but the scope of his legal expertise as well; it was during this time that he began working on business entity formation/governance and other broader transactional matters. Eventually his and Ilana's practice areas began to overlap, various other stars aligned, and Schauer Law Group LLP was born.

Andy enjoys learning languages, and speaks limited amounts of Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Latin and Hebrew (and hopes to improve his fluency over time), and studied the Middle Egyptian language as an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is also a hobbyist saxophonist, guitarist, singer, skier, and golfer (though he concedes it is unlikely he will find time to improve these skills). However, if he isn't working or familiarizing himself with his industry/profession, he is most likely spending time with Ilana and their two children.