There are no words to express how grateful I am to have been referred to Ilana! From the first phone call I made to inquire about the divorce process to the filing of the final judgement papers, Ilana was there every step of the way. She kept me informed during the entire process and answered all of my questions. She made me feel confident that we could get through this process together and as peacefully as possible.

Ilana understood from the beginning that although my spouse and I still loved each other, there was nothing healthy about our relationship. When she contacted my spouse, she was kind and respectful, yet firm and clear with the next steps. She always asked how we were doing and it felt genuine. She wanted to keep this process as amicable as possible as there were children affected by it as well. She displayed a care and concern for those involved and didn't make me feel like she was just doing a job. Ilana was thorough and efficient with all the paperwork and made any necessary changes quickly. She was extremely responsive and kept me informed of where we were in the process.

I hope to never have to use her services again, but I also hope that anyone searching a divorce or family law lawyer gives her a call. You will know in five minutes that you are in good hands!

Andrea R.

Ilana Schauer is razor-sharp and rock-solid stable. She is extremely emotionally attuned and responsive to what is happening in the moment (and as anyone knows who has been through this process, things can shift quickly and you can feel overwhelmed fast). Ilana will not waiver. She provides solid guidance through the trying process and is steadfast, strategic, and inspiringly brilliant. She is a phenomenal advocate for her clients and the children. She has excellent communication skills and can break things down for you fast. She will not rack up your bill and gets right to the point. Given her breadth of talent and skill, her rates are extremely reasonable. I interviewed over 12 attorneys and previously worked with a family law attorney who had a very good reputation, but could not handle the opposing council and party well, and costs skyrocketed with little progress in the case. I needed someone who could effectively and efficiently deal with challenging personalities and aggressive tactics. I knew very quickly in our first meeting that Ilana was the one. However, over the course of the year which followed I only continued to be more and more impressed by her work. The positive first impression she conveys is genuinely reflective of how incredibly talented she is. Her writing skills are spot on and beautifully articulated - straightforward, factual, and fierce when needed. On a personal level, I deeply appreciated her compassion, honesty, and humor. I found her to be the ultimate professional- always respectful, always responsive, and could explain complex things in a clear and concise manner. She is also very attentive to detail and frequently picked up on mistakes, blunders, and general BS by the opposing council and party - things in plain sight. I always felt extremely well represented. Ilana Schauer is truly a gem and you are very lucky if she takes your case.

Michelle F.

Not only an attorney but a real kind person who is willing to help, provide information and find for the right! Love her!

Rucsandra R.

I highly recommend the legal services of Ilana Schauer. She was enormously helpful to me over the course of my divorce proceedings.

This was not an experience I wanted to have. I'd heard the divorce attorney horror stories of never-ending fees. I went through a process of interviewing multiple attorneys before I met Ilana. She seemed to be different and she proved me right. She listened. She educated me. She offered steady and sound tactical insight and led negotiations with the other side - to positive results. She was always accessible and responsive.

I hope never to have to use a divorce attorney again, but should that happen, I know one. A very good one.

Steve O.

Ilana is one of the best attorneys I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She's a brilliant legal mind and brings class and excellence back into the legal profession. Her passion for her clients is unparalleled. She fights hard for her clients in and out of the courtroom. There's no one else I'd trust and her compensation is reasonable, especially when considering the serious types of issues she handles.

Google Review

I had a great overall experience working with Ilana. She was knowledgeable, responsive and provided helpful guidance along the way to resolve my case. Her fees were also very reasonable. Thank you, Ilana!

Nick D.

Ilana Schauer is a very smart lawyer. She helped me end my marriage of over 34 years. Getting divorced is difficult enough and you will need someone like Ilana on your team. She is also very fair with her time and hourly rates. I recommend her highly. Thanks Ilana for helping me move on with my life.

Teri W.

Ilana helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life and I can safely say that she fought for me as she would for family. She was professional and considerate during a sensitive time. She did a great job at translating legal-speak into English for me and making sure that I walked away with everything that was legally mine. It was a tough case, and I am so thankful to have had Ilana on my side. I highly recommend Ilana to anyone looking for an exceptionally strong and committed attorney.

Jackie Z

So happy I found Andrew. He really cares about his clients, but most importantly he's extremely knowledgeable. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Bianca S.

I recently hired Andrew to work on my film, "The Reunion". He gave me a great rate and he's been really easy to communicate with. Andrew is whip smart and has great knowledge and wisdom around the entertainment industry. He was able to put together a detailed and solid counter-offer for a contract negotiation that we were going through. He's a pro and a really nice guy. I highly recommend Andrew for your entertainment/legal needs!

Dave R.

Andrew Schauer is the BEST attorney I've ever worked with, and I have worked with many. Not only is he completely personable but he knows his stuff. He goes above and beyond for you, which is rare in an attorney. I engaged his services to help me when negotiating a reality show I was trying to sell and he was there for me from start to finish, offering incredibly helpful advice and thinking outside the box for me, which I really needed. He was affordable but again went totally above and beyond what was agreed upon. I hope to have a long and successful relationship with Andrew, I feel so lucky to have found him. He truly cares about his clients!!

Hayley C.

I worked with Andrew on a small book contract recently. Andrew looked at the contract from every angle, helping me protect myself while strengthening my relationship with my publisher. Even though the book deal may have seemed small to an outsider, it was huge for me. Andrew took the process seriously, asking great questions, and suggesting changes to the contract that will ultimately benefit everyone involved. I appreciated how thorough and supportive he was throughout the process. I'm so glad I worked with someone whose passion is protecting passion.

Timothy O.

I am extremely impressed with Andrew's legal expertise in the entertainment world. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about his business, he has demonstrated great integrity in every aspect of dealing with our legal needs. He has outstanding work ethic, and impressive turnaround time as well as responsiveness to any questions or concerns. He is courteous, articulate and very personable in all interactions. He has recently been working with me in a very complex international deal involving U.S., South American, European, and Asian parties. He has the rare ability to understand and relate to each unique cultural perspective and tailor his verbal and written communications appropriately. I consider this to be a rare and valuable skill. Andrew has been meticulous in keeping us informed at all stages of negotiation. A strong entertainment lawyer who has your back is absolutely mandatory. I recommend Andrew most highly.

Bernadette F.

We used Andrew's services to help us prepare a film investment agreement, he was very helpful and helped us get everything sorted out promptly. I would recommend his services 100%.

Riley D.

Andrew has been such an asset to us. We couldn't be more pleased with his services. He is flexible, handles whatever we need and really made the impossible, possible. Andrew goes above and beyond to help his clients. We are sticking with Andrew Schauer. If you employ his services, you won't want to go anywhere else either.

Vanessa L.

Andrew is a 100% stand out guy! He knows the Entertainment business forwards and backwards, which makes me trust him with my needs immensely. I know that whatever I need done he can handle it and take care of it. He will fight for whatever is needed and negotiate for whatever is right. I have known Andrew for many years and won't go anywhere else for legal advice.

Cambria H.

Andrew Schauer is a fantastic attorney, well versed in entertainment law. He is very personable, eager to assist and get involved, and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

Vanessa K.

I got great help from Andrew putting together a collaboration agreement for an upcoming comic book project, and was highly satisfied with his results. He's fast, too. We only spent a little time discussing my needs for the agreement, and the first version he drafted was perfect. Definitely recommend.

Searnold N.

Andrew is a triple threat (and I mean that in the most positive terms). He's incredibly knowledgeable in the field of Entertainment Law; he's not afraid to deal with issues or opponents no matter how powerful or aggressive their are; and to top it off he's a nice, friendly, decent man.

I'd recommend him to anyone in need of Entertainment law expertise.

Bobby L.

I needed some legal advice on a contract that I couldn't understand. Andrew came through with a sense of urgency, explained everything and looked out for me, and ultimately gave me the peace of mind of knowing what I was signing.

Gabriel D.

Andrew Schauer is a great attorney who deserves far better than an 18 months late review! After we consulted via phone, I lost Andrew's contact information (thyroid issues at the time) but today, miraculously, Google Calendar found his information. ( After thyroid adjustment my memory is now 100%.)

I spoke to Andrew about an intellectual property concern. A contractor had provided services to me that were very narrowly defined in a written agreement. Despite this, I was still concerned about what claims on a future project this person could make. I had a contract which spelled out that a single one-time only payment was this person's only compensation.

Andrew knows entertainment law, to say the least. Also, he's friendly, hip and personable. He confirmed that my agreement with my contractor as written was tenable. However, he also told me about the realities of the entertainment business and that absolutely nothing could stop the contractor from disputing his agreement with me, though this is unlikely. (As you can tell by my guarded language, I can't provide more details.)

Andrew is a great resource, an authority, and a nice guy. Got entertainment industry concerns? Make Andrew your FIRST point of contact.